Camping Betriebsordnung


– Reception hours are 08:00-22:00.

– While the reception is closed, there is a telephone number on the door for late check-in or for emergencies.

– The main door closes at 00:30. In case a camper wants to enter the camping while the door is closed, they can park their car across the entrance in the parking area and enter through the pedestrian door by foot.

– Check out is until 12:00 at noon. In case of late check-out, a half-day fee is applied.

– At check-in, campers must leave their passport or ID at the reception.

– The space that is provided to each camper is only for the persons and means of stay registered at their check-in. For any new person or means or stay the reception must be notified, and new charges will be applied accordingly.

– Moving to a new place is prohibited without notifying the reception and getting its approval.

– Reservations are made via e-mail, telephone, or the reservation form in our website, and a down payment equivalent to 20% of the cost of the stay is required.

– For cancellations more than 14 days before the arrival date, the down payment is returned in full. If the cancellation is less than 14 days prior to the arrival, or failing to appear, no amount of the down payment is refunded. 


– Lighting fires is strictly prohibited in the campground, as well as the beach. Also prohibited is barbeque and improvised cooking stoves.

– Electricity is separated in two categories. The first category is for tents only and in particular, for charging phones/laptops, radio and for lighting. In any other case the full price for electricity is charged.

– Nailing to tree trunks is prohibited.

– Car parking is limited to the area occupied by each camper. In any other case, cars will be parked in the appropriate areas and, always, in accordance with the signs and instructions of the management, without obstructing the car roads and the access of fellow campers.

– Sports are prohibited in public areas, other than appropriate ones. 

– The emptying of the chemical toilets will take place in the special disposal area, and respectively for the dirty water tanks of caravans and motorhomes.

– The use of sound reproduction media, musical instruments and generally loud noise during the common quiet hours is prohibited. During the rest of the day, it can be used, at a low intensity and with respect to the other campers.

– It is forbidden to enter the area occupied by other campers or to interfere with it in any way. Management reserves the right to remove non-compliant campers.

– Passing through the area of ​​other campers’ pitches is prohibited. The movement of the campers inside the campground will be through the special corridors wherever they exist or from the main roads.

– The movement of cars inside the campground must be with care, on the appropriate roads and in no case the speed will exceed 10 km/h.

– Improvised cooking stoves are prohibited. Specially designed facilities will be used for cooking, inside the camping area (Corridor F).

Common spaces – Hygiene – Personal responsibility:

– Every camper, when using the common spaces, must preserve their hygiene and cleanliness. This includes cleaning the feet of sand/dirt by using the appropriate taps outside the communal toilets in order to keep the shower facilities running smoothly for everyone.

– The use of common spaces (toilets, showers, kitchens, etc.) will be with moderation, logic and prudence. Areas are NOT personal and should not be treated as such (e.g., personal items are not allowed permanently in the bathroom).

– Throwing paper in the toilet is prohibited.

– Bulky items that take up a lot of space in communal refrigerators are prohibited (e.g., whole watermelons, large quantities of bottles).

– Items placed in common areas are in the responsibility of each camper.

– Campers’ belongings and camping gear, in general, are their own responsibility. The management is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft.

– All areas and the natural environment of the campsite must remain clean. Garbage will be disposed of in the appropriate bins that are present in many places within the campsite. The same applies to recyclable waste that will be disposed of in the respective blue recycling bins.

– When the campers leave the place where they were staying, the place and the surrounding area should be clean, without garbage or other objects.

– In the communal washing machine, only suitable detergents should be used, which campers can also find in the campsite’s mini market. Also, clothes after use should be removed from the washing machine in a timely manner, so as not to obstruct access to other campers.


– Pets entering the campsite must have an updated booklet that includes the prescribed medical procedures (vaccinations, deworming, etc.).

– The collection of their impurities is solely the responsibility of their owners.

– They are not allowed to enter public areas (e.g., bathrooms, communal kitchens).

– They are not allowed to stroll around the campsite without a leash. Any other means that protects those around them from unwanted contact is also required (e.g., a muzzle, in the case of an aggressive animal).

– If any animal systematically causes noise or any other problems, which is not corrected with recommendations, the management reserves the right to remove the campers-owners.

COVID-19 regulations:

– Protecting public health is of the utmost importance to us. For this reason, current legislation regarding protective practices against COVID-19 will strictly apply.

 Entering and staying at the campsite means automatic acceptance of the regulation. If any camper disrespects his fellow campers in any way or creates a disturbance and does not comply with the rules, management reserves the right to remove him from the grounds.